Friday, July 23, 2010

Apple's iChat

I made a video of iChat. Click Here to see my iChat Demo. its on YouTube. Yes I was tired, so I yawned a lot. A new and improved demo will be up soon too. I won't be as tired, and hopefully, my friends will be online and not on vacation.

Thats all for now. For those who wanted to know, You can IM me. Use AIM or iChat. my screen name is

Click Here to send me an IM with AIM. Make sure you have AIM installed on your computer. Or make sure you are signed into AIM with an AIM compatible client like iChat, or Click Here to see AIM compatible IM client. If you are on a Mac, I suggest using iChat, as it works the best. If you use a PC, I suggest using the native AIM client from AOL. (AOL is the maker of AIM) AIM is short for AOL Instant Messenger.

Click this Pic if "Available"
Webmaster iChat Online Status Indicator

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