Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Pictures Of iPhone 2.0 on an Apple iPod touch

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2.0 Running On my iPod touch.

iPhone/iPod touch 2.0 is Ok.
Rating 6/10

I really like the new goodies in 2.0 and the App store Thank you apple for Mobile Me it's awsome.
I love downloading Apps like Super Monkey Ball
Cro-Magg Rally but the 2.0 update sucks the battery power so I need to charge it every day. But I do have wifi on and check for emails every 15 minutes but it used to last longer. Apps do crash so it's a pain to deal with.

Not very stable crashes apps and mail tends to be unstable I found that the apps crashing is the developers fault.

With 2.0 you get a a handful of features. From 5 new apps from the January upgrade plus the amazing app store and more.

Apple just need to realese 2.0.1 and I will be happy Some users have reported that there iPods got bricked when updating. Others say it takes for ever to boot up and some say it stuck at the apple logo. Sometimes mine takes forever to boot up.

Thank You,
Nicholas O
Typed on my iPod touch running 2.0

iPod touch/iPhone 2.1 BETA 2

iPod touch and iPhone 2.1

Apple shipped 2.1 BETA 2 today to there 4,000 developers As we dug in further there may BE NO COPY CUT AND PAST OR VOICE NAVAGATION. How ever everything still showes the chance of a New iPod Touch.
The 2.1 will be released in September along with new iPods
They will most likly to ship a new iPod touch with 2.1! Before September they should be releasing the 2.0.1 Update to fix stability and lagging and the slowness. Today apple fixed iTunes with 7.7.1 so the 2.0.1 for iPod touch, iPhone and iPhone 3
G should not be far be hind.

We expect to see 2.0.1 in Augest.

Thank You,
Nicholas O
Typed on my iPod touch with 2.0


Apple just introduced iTunes 7.7
How ever it was NOT very stable
So they released iTunes 7.7.1 I tried it and it works like a charm!
Now we need a stable version of 2.0 for the iPod touch and iPhone and iPhone 3G and it will be called 2.0.1

Mc Met Services NEW SERVICES

New services launching!

We are now embeding our videos in to Mc Met Vid this way users can whach them on there iPhones or iPod touches.

Friday we are launching Mc Met Game Reviews. Called Mc Met Gamer. We will be revising all iPod/iPhone apps and games from the app store
The launch of Mc Met Gamer may be delayed

Mobile blogging

Now I can blog from my iPod touch using cellspin! This is awsome!

My cat

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New iPod touch.

Who knows how much this is worth, but there's a lot of chatter flying around today about some text strings in the beta release of iPhone OS 2.1 that make reference to an "iPod2,1." Seeing as the current iPod touch is designated "iPod1,1," that's a pretty strong hint that a new model is coming -- but hey, guess what? Of course a new model is eventually coming. What's more, we'd bet it's going to be almost exactly the same as the current iPod touch, with maybe the addition of GPS -- it's not like Apple is going to position this thing above the iPhone.

If the new model is coming in September the 2.1 should too. Rumors say the iPod touch will be refreshed in september so then 2.1 should be out then.
Apso there have been Rumors of a price drop for the iPod touch. Discontinue the 8Gb and lower the 16GB to $299.99 and the 32GB to $399.99

I hope it is a new model containing on of the folowing, GPS, Camera, or speaker.

T-Mobile Danger Sidekick

The Sidekick is supposed to be the spiritual brother to the Sidekick iD. The reason for that is because the Sidekick has interchangeable "shells" and custom made that you can make yourself online. It is shipping with all of the Sidekick LX updates and with a 2-year contract is a relatively cheap $150.Design (and more ;)The Sidekick closely resembles the LX except it is smaller and lighter. Its comfortable in the hand and has a durable feeling; whether its true we have to find out ;). To pick new or create your own shells go tosidekickshells.comThe new Sidekick has a 2.6-inch WQVGA which is slightly smaller than the LX. But it still has the same resolution. The Sidekick doesn't have a touch screen but it still has the same traditional: jump, done, cancel, menu, talk/end keys, trackball navigator, and shoulder buttons (and a power button). There is a mini USB port to connect the Sidekick to the computer to upload/download pictures, songs, and videos. I personally would like (I don't know if they allow it) but for the Sidekick to be used a modem. The Sidekick only has 64mb of internal storage and 128mb of RAM. The Sidekick comes with a 512mb microSD card and supports up a 8gb microSD. The music playback lacks bass so they provide a 3.5mm headphone jack. The top number buttons will be a little hard to use for adults because they are a little close to the screen. The Sidekick's screen swivels to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. There is an onscreen number pad (you use the trackball).

The Transition

The Transition has been completed. is NOW

Thank You! We are STILL working on restoring our video problems and hope to have them resolved soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apple Mac Book Review

The MacBook is really as Apple says a revolutionary product. My friend has one with half the ram and half the processor than my Windows notebook and his still runs faster than mine.

The keys are flat and comfortable and spaced out so that it is hard to hit the wrong one unless you are used to a windows keyboard (which are touching... all of them). His screen can go a little brighter than mine which personally I don't care but I like the different screen settings because mine only has 6 brightness settings where as the MacBooks have 10+. The wireless is also (annoyingly ;) much further than mine (I have a Gateway MX6426, which runs good, but nothing compared to a MacBook; I bought mine in December 2006).

To read more click here.

Monday, July 28, 2008


The iPod Nano review will be up tomorrow along with a new episode on Whats New AKA Today

The reason for the delay is on July 11 I filmed the iPhone 3G hands on, Mobile Me demo AND the 2.0 running on an iPod touch. I also was on Vacation in CA and got to see apple's HQ and go into there Company Store. I got a USB Power Adapter there. Those videos will be avable ASAP or tomorrow.

The iPod classic review has been delayed for a while. The filming may be done tommorow, but don't put your hopes up!

iPod touch Review

The Apple iPod touch is a very interesting mp3 player and the first of its kind.The Touch (as it will now be referred to) was release shortly after the iPhone so that people could have the touch screen without the costly phone service.The Touch comes in 8g, 16g, and 32g models. Respectively the prices are $300, $400, and $500.The Touch uses "multi-touch" technology so that it must be touched; styluses and fingernails won't work. The Touch also comes equipped with a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically (if you let it). Most people probally wonder why the iPhone has less memory that the iPod Touch; well the answer is that the touch has room for two flash pieces where as the iPhone only has room for one.The only button on the Touch (front) is the home button which, obviously, brings you to the home button or if you have the update you can hold it to take a screen shot. The button on the top is the lock button and shuts the sreen off and puts the iPod in lock mode. The Touch can play: games, videos, music, and podcasts.
Click Here for more.

Apple Product Transition

Apple just had it's Quarter 3 Earnings Call. they talked about a Prodouct Transition. This should mean New products or price cuts. I think there will be new Mac Books with a metal casing and a price drop on the touch. Discontinue the 8Gb. And make the 16 GB cost $299.99 and 32GB $399.99. I can't think of any new iPod Nanos or classics. The Mac Mini really needs to be updated as well as the Mac Book Pro. So we will find out. Plus Intel just announced the New Centreno Duo and Atom. Will see.

Bad signal with new iPhone 3G

A huge number of people reported that there iPhone 3G's have been having bad reception Users are unable to find out if it is the phone or network or SIM card.

iPod touch and iPhone 3G

On July 11, 2008 Apple realesed the 2.0 Software for iPod touch and iPhone. The update makes the already amazing device more amazing. to learn more click here. to buy it the 2.0 Software up date, click here and iTunes will open the store and bring you there.
Coming soon: a review of iPhone 3G, Mobile Me and iPod touch 2.0 coming soon click here to whach them.