Saturday, November 3, 2007

How to clrean you desktop computer

How to clean a Desktop Computer

Keeping the inside of your desktop computer clean is very important and can add life to it. Never use a rag or duster inside your computer. Doing this could cause static electricity that may harm your computer parts and cause serious damage. It is a good idea to where a static bracelet, this will keep you grounded preventing the occurrence of a static charge. Touching the computer case will make sure you remain grounded. Before starting make sure the computer is turned off, you may even want to unplug it from it's power source.
Find the screws that hold the side panel and remove them and the side panel. With a can of compressed air you will want to go through and clean all parts that look visibly dust covered. Make sure to get under parts. Use the air to blow out all the dust and debris from all parts including all fans. A dirty fan especially around the processor can cause it to overheat resulting in permanent damage. After finished, replace the side panel and screws.
You can also clean the keyboard with compressed air. Turn the keyboard upside down and blow air into the openings between the keys. You can clean dirty keys with a damp cloth.(do not use an overly wet cloth, you do not want to get moisture under the keys).
If you have a track ball mouse, you can clean it with a little rubbing alcohol and a que tip. Remove the screw device on the bottom of the mouse and the ball will fall out. Check the rollers that the ball contacts and clean them with the que tips that have been dipped in rubbing alcohol. You do not have to soak them or rub hard. Blow into the ball socket to make sure it is good and dry before you reassemble the mouse.

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