Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mail App for the new iPod Touch??


Thank you apple for doing this. People, Apple gave us the January Software Upgrade. Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and weather. just for $19.99! Now this will be included into the 2.0 Upgrade Avable in Early July. The 2.0 upgrade also includes the APP STORE. So you can nowdownload 3rd Parties applications onto you iPhone or iPod Touch with NO JAIL BREAKING IT. Best of all it is ONLY $9.95

I sent this to apple!

"Hello Folks at Apple! :) An Apple rep pointed me here. My question is I own an Ipod Touch and if my friend has an iPhone if the iPhone has a mail app will the Touch? Are you floks even working on this or starting or will it be realesed? I already kNoW ThAt If a guy at work copied from his iPhone to his touch and its working and also voided his warrenty. PLEASE APPLE DO IT WE NEED THIS MAIL APP FOR OUR IPOD TOUCHES!!"

If you want to help me just send this letter with slightly different or completly different to devprograms@apple.com and sighn it with your name. The more emails the more Apple will consider it. get all tyour friends to do it as well! Thanks For you help!

Cheers Reader,

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