Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple iPhone

I bought a used iPhone from my neighbor. It is an 8GB and it the 1st
gen. He already upgraded to an iPhone 3G. The phone is in great
condition. Only used for 5 hours of talk time. He swapped it out and
got a new one, not a referbished with a 5K serial number. Then he got
the 3G and sold us his old one. Now we can test all updated like 2.1
and report how it does. Because the SIM card is deactivated we are
stuck with 2.0 and it's not to buggy. No lagging anywere. Downloading
and installing Apps and backups are slow, but we can live with it.
When we put it on Go-Phone pick your plan we will update it to 2.1 or
what ever it avable by then and let u know. I will be using it once my
birthday arives on November 11. I was just test driving it over the
week end.
Hey at least my iPod Touch can hold me over till then.

Typed on my iPod touch with in 14 minutes. I'm fast!! ;)

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