Monday, October 6, 2008

Macworld 2009

We expect Macworld 2009 in January to be focused more on the Mac. We
do expect software updates like 2.3 to be announced. There will be an
update for all apple products to update to following, Copyright 2008
Apple Inc. to say Copy 2009 Apple Inc. We also should see new cinima
displays and a new Mac Mini.
As stated earlier New Macbooks and Macbook Pros should arrive October
14, 2008! A 9-5mac or somthing says Apple has a new brick
manufactering procces that uses water jets and lasers to carve into
the metal to make the devices. We doubt this but hey anythings possible.
Well tommorow it TUESDAY!! Apple iTunes Day. Who knows what apps will
be featured.
Have a good evening,
Nick O

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