Monday, August 18, 2008

Apple 2.0.2 for iPod touch/iPhone

The 2.0.2 update improves a number of things! I tried opening apps and closing them opening and closing. To all of my 60 apps. Not one of them crashed or froze. The app store no longer freezes, improved battery life and no Lagging in the keyboard. 2.0.1 was supposed to fix the lagging but it did not. Thank you apple for fixing the locate me feature I Google Maps. We have still yet to unviel more fixes and features that will be posted to let you know. People say that it did not go the iPhone 3G reception problems. We only have an iPod touch and are still testing it! The iPhone/iPod touch 2.1 will be avable in September.
Did you find anything new that I didn't? Please email me at
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Nichols O

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