Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cheaper Price For Apple's Time Capsule Coming? !UPDATED!

Apple's Air Post Express and Hard Drive Station may be facing a price drop in September.

Apple's U.S. online store is currently displaying two sets of listings for Apple's Time Capsule combination wireless basestation and hard drive. Currently priced at $299 for the 500 GB model and $499 for the 1 TB model, the store lists these items available for shipment within 24 hours. There is, however, a second pair of listings priced at $249 for the 500 GB model and $419 for the 1 TB model, with both scheduled to ship in "4 weeks".
The thumbnails next to the lower-priced listings show a generic Apple "brown box" image for the 500 GB model and an incorrect Apple TV image for the 1 TB model, but the individual product pages for these new models correctly show existing Time Capsule stock images. The product descriptions and system requirements for the two sets of listings are identical.
Update: It appears from the "FB" prefix of the model numbers that these are likely refurbished Time Capsules mistakenly showing up in search results for the regular store.

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KongStrong said...

What is the best part about the Time Capsule? I haven't purchased it yet because I'm unsure of the benefits.