Saturday, August 30, 2008

Apple iPod Touch and iPhone Tips.

If iPod freezes hold down the home and sleep/wake button at the same time till the apple log appears.
If you iPod won't restore, fource iPod into recovery mode/DFU mode by connecting ipod to you computer and holding the home and sleep/wake button down and when the apple logo appears let go of the sleep/wake button but keep holding the home button until the computer says it has detected an iPod in recovery mode. Please restore iPod and click restore.
To arrange the home icons hold down any icon until the wiggle then move them to there diserd locations.
If you want to take a screen shot hold down the home and sleep/wake button for 1 secound and let go. the screen will flash.
When it Safari if going to a web site with .edu, .org etc... hold down the .com button and drag you finger to the one you want. More tips coming soon.
This was posted by Nicholas Ouimet to apple forums.

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