Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2.0 Running On my iPod touch.

iPhone/iPod touch 2.0 is Ok.
Rating 6/10

I really like the new goodies in 2.0 and the App store Thank you apple for Mobile Me it's awsome.
I love downloading Apps like Super Monkey Ball
Cro-Magg Rally but the 2.0 update sucks the battery power so I need to charge it every day. But I do have wifi on and check for emails every 15 minutes but it used to last longer. Apps do crash so it's a pain to deal with.

Not very stable crashes apps and mail tends to be unstable I found that the apps crashing is the developers fault.

With 2.0 you get a a handful of features. From 5 new apps from the January upgrade plus the amazing app store and more.

Apple just need to realese 2.0.1 and I will be happy Some users have reported that there iPods got bricked when updating. Others say it takes for ever to boot up and some say it stuck at the apple logo. Sometimes mine takes forever to boot up.

Thank You,
Nicholas O
Typed on my iPod touch running 2.0

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