Monday, July 28, 2008

iPod touch Review

The Apple iPod touch is a very interesting mp3 player and the first of its kind.The Touch (as it will now be referred to) was release shortly after the iPhone so that people could have the touch screen without the costly phone service.The Touch comes in 8g, 16g, and 32g models. Respectively the prices are $300, $400, and $500.The Touch uses "multi-touch" technology so that it must be touched; styluses and fingernails won't work. The Touch also comes equipped with a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically (if you let it). Most people probally wonder why the iPhone has less memory that the iPod Touch; well the answer is that the touch has room for two flash pieces where as the iPhone only has room for one.The only button on the Touch (front) is the home button which, obviously, brings you to the home button or if you have the update you can hold it to take a screen shot. The button on the top is the lock button and shuts the sreen off and puts the iPod in lock mode. The Touch can play: games, videos, music, and podcasts.
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