Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New iPod touch.

Who knows how much this is worth, but there's a lot of chatter flying around today about some text strings in the beta release of iPhone OS 2.1 that make reference to an "iPod2,1." Seeing as the current iPod touch is designated "iPod1,1," that's a pretty strong hint that a new model is coming -- but hey, guess what? Of course a new model is eventually coming. What's more, we'd bet it's going to be almost exactly the same as the current iPod touch, with maybe the addition of GPS -- it's not like Apple is going to position this thing above the iPhone.

If the new model is coming in September the 2.1 should too. Rumors say the iPod touch will be refreshed in september so then 2.1 should be out then.
Apso there have been Rumors of a price drop for the iPod touch. Discontinue the 8Gb and lower the 16GB to $299.99 and the 32GB to $399.99

I hope it is a new model containing on of the folowing, GPS, Camera, or speaker.

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