Wednesday, July 30, 2008

iPod touch/iPhone 2.1 BETA 2

iPod touch and iPhone 2.1

Apple shipped 2.1 BETA 2 today to there 4,000 developers As we dug in further there may BE NO COPY CUT AND PAST OR VOICE NAVAGATION. How ever everything still showes the chance of a New iPod Touch.
The 2.1 will be released in September along with new iPods
They will most likly to ship a new iPod touch with 2.1! Before September they should be releasing the 2.0.1 Update to fix stability and lagging and the slowness. Today apple fixed iTunes with 7.7.1 so the 2.0.1 for iPod touch, iPhone and iPhone 3
G should not be far be hind.

We expect to see 2.0.1 in Augest.

Thank You,
Nicholas O
Typed on my iPod touch with 2.0

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